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Smirnoff Secret Service

Atualizado: 28 de abr. de 2020

Filme manifesto Smirnoff - captado ao mesmo tempo que as fotos

Smirnoff has a resilient

and chequered history

spanning over 155


It’s a story of serfs and

rascals, deception,

revolution, bankruptcy,

resurrection and like

every good story, bad

things happen.

It’s been snatched.


Traded in secret.

Concealed. Used as barter.

Trafficked. Exiled. Hidden.

Fled from the Russian Government.

Looking back to move forward,

we’ve created the Smirnoff Secret Service. The agents: digital influencers. The missions: promo and activations. The weapons: Smirnoff drinks.










To launch the new bottle,

we’ve created a mystery around it.


A 5 package series that turn into

posters telling the infamous story

of the bottle.

We’ve also turned drinks recipes

into vintage stamps,

remembering those bad days of censorship,

prohibition and veto.

Agency: CP+BCCO: André Kassu, Marcos Medeiros CD: Marcelo Rizério, Rodrigo Visconti CW: Lucas Ribeiro AD, Design, Illustration: Alexandre Kazuo, Ayrton Bená Production Company: LandiaFilm Director: Kayhan Audio Production: Supersonica Making Of Pictures: Pablo Vaz, Guilherme Lemos, Alexandre Kazuo

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